New York Times : Samsung Galaxy Tabは素晴らしいけど高すぎる

ユーモアたっぷりに最新のガジェットを素人にも分かりやすく紹介してくれるNew York TimesのDavid Pogueの記事。

“It’s a Tablet. It’s Gorgeous. It’s Costly.”


But the Galaxy doesn’t feel like a cramped iPad. It feels like an extra-spacious Android phone.

ということはAndroidの7インチタブレットはiPadと競合するのではなく、Galaxy SなどのAndroidスマートフォントと競合するってことなのかな?


Because the Galaxy runs Android 2.2, it can also play Flash videos online (touché, iPad!). Or at least it’s supposed to. After some delay, I got Flash movie trailers and CNet videos to play, but at, the Play Video button just stared at me sullenly. (My Samsung rep says they play fine for him.)


Another problem: most of the 100,000 apps on the Android store are designed for a phone-size screen, not a tablet. The Galaxy either blows them up, at the expense of clarity, or lets them float in the center of the larger screen with a Texas-size black border.

This problem, of course, was familiar to early iPad adopters: iPhone apps ran on the iPad, but couldn’t exploit the larger screen. But Apple encouraged programmers to come up with iPad-specific versions, and released a software-writing kit to help them along. Google hasn’t done that yet, so it may be awhile before 7-inch Android apps become the norm.

Googleとしてはまず7-inchタブレット用のAndroidを作らなければならないのですが、10-inchを無視するのも大きなギャンブルになります。ということはスマートフォン用、7-inch用、10-inch用のAndroid OSをGoogleが開発し、そしてアプリ開発者も同じように3つのバージョンのアプリを開発するのかって?それはちょっと考え難いですよね。


The biggest drawback of the Galaxy, though, may be its price: $600. You could buy two netbooks for that money, or four Kindles —or one 16-gigabyte iPad, with its much larger screen, aluminum body and much better battery life. (The iPad gets 10 hours on a charge; the Galaxy, about 6 hours.)




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