Android TabletのFlashが使い物になるかどうか微妙な件

著名なテクノロジー評論家のWalt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal)とDavid Pogue (New York Times)のSamsung Galaxy Tabの評価が出そろいました。

Walt Mossbergが
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Is iPad’s First Real Rival

David Pogueが
It’s a Tablet. It’s Gorgeous. It’s Costly.


Walt Mossberg;

I found the Web browser to be a bit jerky in zooming into text and scrolling through long pages. I tested several Adobe Flash videos and websites written in Flash. Sometimes they played and sometimes they didn’t. In all cases, they slowed the browser down. On one site written in Flash, I got a warning saying I might want to “abort” lest the computer become “unresponsive.” In another case, the Tab crashed. So I conclude that while the Tab does play Flash, it needs work on that score.

David Pogue;

Because the Galaxy runs Android 2.2, it can also play Flash videos online (touché, iPad!). Or at least it’s supposed to. After some delay, I got Flash movie trailers and CNet videos to play, but at, the Play Video button just stared at me sullenly. (My Samsung rep says they play fine for him.)



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