こういうのを見て、「評論家は何もわかっていない」というのは簡単です。しかしそれではプログレスがありません。しかもClayton Christensen氏は破壊的イノベーションの条件の一つが専門家に見下されることだとも語っています。

Clayton Christensen氏が言うには、破壊的なイノベーションの特徴は以下の通りです。

  • いくつかの機能が不足していて、ハイエンドユーザのニーズを満たさない。
  • 価格が手ごろでローエンドユーザや新規ユーザを取り込める。
  • 使いやすさが改善されていて、ローエンドユーザや新規ユーザを取り込める。
  • 徐々に能力を増やしていき、ハイエンドユーザにも使われるようになる。


Why is the iPad a disappointment? Because it doesn’t allow us to do anything we couldn’t do before. Sure, it is a neat form factor, but it comes with significant trade-offs, too.

Things the iPad can’t do:

  1. No Camera, that’s right, you can’t take pics and e-mail them.
  2. No Web Cam, that’s right, no iChat or Skype Video chatting.
  3. No Flash, that’s right, you can’t watch NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX or HULU.
  4. No External Ports, such as Volume, Mic, DVI, USB, Firewire, SD card or HDMI
  5. No Multitasking, which means only one App can be running at a time. Think iPhone = Failure.
  6. No Software installs except Apps. Again think iPhone = Failure.
  7. No SMS, MMS or Phone.
  8. Only supports iTunes movies, music and Books, meaning Money, Money, Money for Apple.
  9. WAY, WAY, WAY over priced.
  10. They will Accessorize you to death if you want to do anything at all with it and you can bet these Accessories will cost $29.99 for each of them.
  11. No Full GPS*
  12. No Native Widescreen*
  13. No 1080P Playback*
  14. No File Management*

It was a bigger iPod Touch. I question whether those features would be enough to get people to buy new machines.

Not having a way to write on a pure slate device the size of piece of paper also seems pretty unnatural to me. One of the iPad demos shows a legal-pad background for note-taking, but then you have to use the on-screen keyboard.

It’s not going to revolutionize anything, it’s not going to replace netbooks, but it will find large and devoted audiences, particularly after the price drops and some features get added.

Any tablet computer, including Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPad, will face serious problems in generating big sales. Tablets look cool, but the reality is they don’t do anything new.

Fewer capabilities (than a netbook) but a similar size? Not a good start.

The tablet market has only succeeded as a niche market over the years and it was hoped Apple would dream up some new paradigm to change all that. From what I’ve seen and heard, this won’t be it.

9 Worst Things About The Apple Tablet:

  1. No Flash
  2. Its screen
  3. Its price
  4. Closed App Store
  5. Its name
  6. No multitasking
  7. No camera
  8. No USB
  9. AT&T deal

Ultimately, the iPad is a large iPod touch: a great device to draw your inspiration from, but perhaps not the seismic shift in technology that we were expecting.



  1. 機能の多い少ないは、実際に売れるかどうかとは無関係
  2. 新しい機能があるかどうかも無関係
  3. ネットブックより機能が少ないのは全然問題ない
  4. 画期的な技術の変革を伴う必要も無い



アップルはなんと言っていたか。評論家が当てにならない以上、アップル自身の言葉しか頼りになりません。2010年のiPad発表から、Steve Jobs氏の言葉を引用します。

In order to create a new category of devices, these devices are going to have to be far better at doing some key tasks. They’re going to have to better at doing some really important things. Better than the laptop, better than the smartphone. Browsing the web, Email, enjoying and sharing photos, watching videos, enjoying your music collection, playing games, reading eBooks. If there’s going to be a third category of device, it’s going to have to better at these kinds of tasks than a laptop or a smartphone. Otherwise, it has no reason for being.
Now some people have thought, “well that’s a Netbook”. The problem is, Netbooks aren’t better at anything. …. They’re just cheap laptops. And we don’t think that they are a third category of device.

私が見るところのポイントは“some key tasks”。つまり一般人にとって重要な機能を選び取り、それ以外の機能はとりあえず無視。その重要な機能は既存製品よりも優れたものにする。そしてそれ以外の機能とはサヨナラする。

  1. 一般人が使わないけれども、技術評論家が好むような機能があるかどうかは気にしない。
  2. 新しい機能はなくても、既存のタスクがより多くの人に簡単にできるようになればそれで十分。
  3. 一般人が使う数少ない機能は、徹底的に良くする。

こうしてみると、iPadというのはClayton Christensen氏の理論そのままの破壊的イノベーションに見えます。評論家が発売当初は揶揄していたということもまたChristensen氏の理論通り。

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