How to Make the Screen Larger Without Making the Phone Larger

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is preparing iPhones with bigger screens (4.5 inches and > 5 inches).

Now we all know that Apple is not like Samsung, and that they don’t simply create any screen size they can imagine. We know that Apple makes very careful decisions so it’s prudent to analyze what the sizes are like; i.e. what a 4.5 inch screen would actually look and feel like.

I superimposed a 4.5 inch screen size on top of the current iPhone 5s. You can see that the width of a 4.5 inch screen would actually fit in the current iPhone 5s dimensions if the bezels surrounding the sides of the screen could be eliminated. Since I doubt that a taller iPhone would be comfortable in your pocket, Apple would have to also reduce the height of the top and bottom bezels, but there is definitely space for that.

If Apple is really preparing a 4.5 inch screen iPhone, this is most likely the path that they would take. As I mentioned in a previous post, I seriously doubt that Apple would create a larger sized phone that would be more cumbersome to carry with you all the time. Also, reducing side bezels is something that Apple has been doing quite well with the iPad mini and iPad Air.

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