64-bit Android

In September, 2013, just after the iPhone 5s was announced, I wrote that we would be able to gauge Google’s commitment to the high-end based on when the 64-bit version of Android would be released. I commented that Google might not prioritize 64-bit, mainly because their focus has shifted to the low-end with the departure of Andy Rubin.

Until now, I had not heard any credible reports on when a 64-bit version of Android would be available. Now, on March 11th, ABI Research reports that “the first 64-bit version of Android OS is expected in the second half of the year”.

At this point, there is no way of knowing how accurate ABI Research’s prediction is. There is also no way of knowing if Android and ARM’s 64-bit implementation will deliver a significant performance improvement like Apple’s A7 chip did, or whether the gain will be rather insignificant as most industry pundits claimed when the A7 was announced.

All I can say is that we don’t know yet.

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