Testing jQuery Evaluation Times

In our Ponzu conference system, we don’t use jQuery but instead our vanilla Javascript library. The main reason was that jQuery was slow on some mobile devices.

There hasn’t been too much discussion on the web about this, but I found this article rather interesting. I’m including the test code in the following links.

  1. jQuery 2.0.0 evaluation from CDN.
  2. jQuery 1.11.0 evaluation from CDN.

Some things to note;

The times in this test (not the original one on the post) may include network access. I found that in Safari 7, pushing the reload button or using the shortcut (command + r) forced a request to the CDN. On the other hand, if we placed the text cursor in the location toolbar and then pressed enter, it would use the cached Javascript code and would not send a request to the CDN. When comparing browsers, we have to make sure that network requests to the CDN are not firing.

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