Chinese Android Larger Than Google’s Android

Chinese Android, that is the Android that is based on Android Open-Source (AOSP) and is independent of Google’s services and restrictions, seems to be already significantly larger than Google’s Android (the one that relies on Google services, and comes with Google’s restrictions).

At least that seems to be the case if we look at app download statistics.

According to Analysys International, App downloads in China were 23.4 billion for 2014Q1 alone. In comparison, Google Play downloads were probably in the 15 billion range for 2014Q2 (Estimated from 1 & 2). That’s quite a big difference.

Revenue-wise, I don’t have any data. However, given that Google Play revenue is dependent on mature developed nations (Japan, US, South Korea), it is very possible that revenue is growing much faster in China. Furthermore, iOS App Store revenue has been pretty high in China, suggesting that the Chinese have a rather high propensity to spend money on Apps. I would not be surprised if Chinese Android app revenue is similar to or has already surpassed Google Play app revenue.

Of course this discussion hinges on the “23.4 billion for 2014Q1 alone” report being true. Hopefully, we will get verification soon.

Obviously, the implications of this are huge for the Android ecosystem.

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