Chromebooks in Schools

It seems that Chromebooks are quite popular with schools.

I’ve covered this topic before and the story hasn’t changed from then.

What continues to be interesting is that Chromebooks appeal is not necessarily to the end-users, but to the “orifices”. The TechCrunch article explains;

A lot of schools were sold on iPads right after those became available and students probably still prefer them over Chromebooks, but they are relatively expensive compared to Chromebooks and harder to manage. Google also offers admins easy ways to manage large Chromebook deployments from a single console while Apple is still catching up when it comes to this.

Basically, Chromebooks are sometimes preferred over iPads because the hardware costs and the school IT administration costs are cheaper. And the reason they are easy to administer is because there is less that you can do with them.

I see Chromebooks as the equivalent of cash-registers.

Not a very sexy topic.

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