Apple’s Public Relations Push For the Apple Watch

I have mentioned in this blog that we can expect a very strong public relations and marketing push from Apple in order to jump start the sales of the Apple Watch.

In my first post on the Apple Watch (14th, Sept.) I said;

The question should simply be, “what is Apple’s initial marketing push going to be based on?”. “Does Apple have a good strategy for that push?”

From what I’ve seen, Apple’s initial marketing strategy is plainly obvious. It is going to be based less on technical or functional merits and more on the fashion aspect. It will be about creating brand awareness. It will be about creating a buzz, not necessarily in the Internet community, but in the more conventional media. This is probably based on the realization that explaining the functional merits of the Apple Watch is going to take time to win the general public, too much time to sustain the excitement of developers.

Well, from what we’ve seen, the conventional media is making quite a buzz. So much so that it will make an editorial debut on Vogue China. This suggests that for Apple, their PR strategy is going according to plan.

Of course, Apple has been doing quite a lot of PR work even after the September 9th unveiling event at the Flint Center. In particular, Johnny Ive has been taking quite a few interviews with the fashion media. We are clearly seeing Apple focus on PR towards the fashion media pre-launch and this seems to be generating the desired results.

If my guess at Apple’s strategy is correct, Apple should also be working quite hard with major developers to ensure that a large number of apps would be available at launch. This of course will be less public.


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