Non-Game Apps: iOS App Store vs. Android Google Play

Since games are such a large part of both iOS App Store and Android Google Play revenue, it makes sense to treat the other categories separately. Furthermore, whenever people are discussing how mobile devices enrich our lives, they are seldom thinking about games. Instead of lumping games and all other apps into a single number, we should be separating them.

In my opinion, it is the non-game segment that really matters. It is where the innovation lies. I say this because we’ve had games, even mobile games, for ages.

For the following table, I used numbers in App Annie’s 2014Q1 report.

スクリーンショット 2014 06 27 15 18 33

What we can clearly see is that in non-Game revenue, iOS is totally dominant. iOS has 4.63 times the revenue of Android in non-games.

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